22-year-old Justin Bieber, the most popular singer punched one of his minor fans and makes him injured


Justin Bieber is a famous Canadian pop star born in 1994 in Stratford, Ontario belongs to a single mother. He got second place in a local talent competition at a very young age and later he became so much popular to become a YouTube phenomenon. He became the first solo artist by signing a record contract with Usher. One of his albums ‘My World’ become very popular in several countries.


Justin Bieber has recently been filmed hitting a punch to a young Spanish fan who was trying to touch him through the window of his car in Barcelona on November 22 on Tuesday night. The fan was showing his excitement to meet his favourite singer Justin Bieber. Justin suddenly reacts with a punch and that makes the fan got wounded and blood was releasing from his mouth. On that day, the most famous singer, Justin Bieber was arriving at Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi Stadium for his concert by chauffeur-driven car.


According to the released videos, a big fan of Justin Bieber is seen as coming to the car, driving a slow speed. The fan is trying to touch the singer according to the video ad Justin raised his hands by punching the fan on his face. But, Justin Bieber has left his crazy fan with a split and bloodied lip who was just a minor. A huge crowd of people and girls also got shocked to see him bleeding and this was done by the popular 22-year-old singer. The fan was trying to spit out some of the blood on his hands that were over his mouth.


According to the police, it is totally dependent on the victim whether he wants to make a formal complaint against him or not, otherwise, no obligations are involved. The minor fan can report the incidence at the police station or a local court. The court will decide then whether to take any further action or not.

Rita Era commented in favour of Justin Bieber and gave a statement that according to his background, he is a very conscious and a popular singer and it might be possible that he got scared with that sudden incidence. As it is very common for a celebrity to get attacked by his/her fans, this could be a reason for that incident happened on 22nd November. According to Rita Ora, it is accepted that the minor fan, Kevin Ramirez got injured badly but it was an instant moment.

Sometimes, it becomes very uncomfortable and scary for the celebrities to handle the fans. Usually, the fans get very excited about seeing his/her favourite celebrity and also wants to meet him/her by doing a handshake with them or taking selfies. Justin was in the same condition, his fan got very excited to meet Justin and was shouting in Spanish along with trying to snatch the upper portion of Justin Bieber in his moving car through its window. Justin just showed a punch to save himself but unfortunately, it makes that minor fan got injured very badly and the blood starts to be releasing out from his mouth which causes more controversy.

According to Justin’s background, he always remains conscious for his fans. He always expressed his real concerns for his fans but this incident makes him got frustrated by the minor fan as he was trying to catch Justin forcefully and he got scared & tried to just save himself by showing him a punch but the fan got injured due to the moving car. It was such an instant happening.


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