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Sweeper got rs 1 lakh from 2000 notes; do you know what was the reason?


if you have 2,000 rs and someone said to you that he willingly gives you 1 lakh rs and you have to return only 2,000. will you believe it? if you think someone pay old money or pay through cheque no you are obsloutly wrong because its real and someone did that. well,i will tell you what had happend ;

actually a sweeper from Madhya pradesh’s shajapur district who, hit a jackpot at a time when he withdrew cash from ATM and found a note of 2000 which have a holy number 786 at end of number series. you think that what is 786 no and what the reason that this no is too much famous. actually this number is considered holy in Muslim mythology and individuals wish to keep notes having this number with them.


its such a big fortune for him. his name is Vijay who is a sweeper at Lal Ghat’s housing Board Colony. and this colony got in touch with eBay and being forwarded the note’s photo through Whatsapp. suddenly he got a call from a number and this man introduce himself as he is from Indore. after that he met Vijay in the evening and offered him a cheque of Rs 1 lakh for the special no note. Nevertheless, there’s no certainty with regard to the authenticity or clearance of his cheque so far!