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Secrets About Narendra Modi Every Indian Should Know

Narendra Modi is not just a Prime minister of India, he is also a great leader. He is most influential leaders of all times. Most famous and also a Winner of Times magjine online poll. Do you know all person have some secret, and these secret make a man famous and Rockstar. Here I ll let you know some secret of Narendra Damodar Das Modi.

Born in the state of Gujrat, and he love Mother India since his very childhood days. Most of time we all hear a lot about him and thin we know him, but there are a lot of thing or fact that we still don’t know. Well, ill not summarize his entire story here, but I ll giving you a glimpse of what talents he have .

Just Look at the signature:


If you connected with your root, you got success from your life. Here Narendra Modi proved. Owning the position of the Prime Minister he still connented with his root. You always seen a Signature like that I mean in Hindi, even in official document he signed like this.

He has Bechlor degree in Political Science, and Post Graduate degree also

Yes, He had a rough childhood but his education is not stop after high school. He successfully complete his bachler degree in political science and after that a Master degree. He did his graduate degree from Delhi University in 1978. However Master Degree in also in Political Science from Gujrat University.


How many of you know that Narendta Modi did a three months of course from the Us On management and Public relation and you can see the His well built personality.

 Follower of the ideologies of the great saint Swami Vivekananda.

Many of us follow Swami Vivekananda, and many of leaders also. And Modi also follow him, and his thesis. No wonder where Modi gets all his oratory skills from.

Joshadaben and Narendra Modi Married in teen age.

Its look like very secret and no any know about who Narenra Modi is married to until 2010 elections. Its time when Narendra Modi mentions his wife name as Jashodaben. However, they did not spent time with each other. Modi left her for his career.

He had spent his time as a Sanyasi.

Narender Modi chose his career as a sanyasi. He wanted to be sanyasi since his childhood. And for fulfil his dream he lived couple of years in Ramakrishna Mission of Rajkot. After that he spent his life in Himalya where nobody know where he is.

He is also a literary Poet

He wrote a poet in Mother tongue, and apart from them he also holds fantasy of Photography. He wrote a literay poet.

He is tech savvy


You can also show he is active on social media and it is pretty evident that from his presence that he is a techno freak. Be it Twitter or Facebook, he is one active politician.

Modi is early riser

Its very good habit of everyone who wake up in early morning. However. Narender modi has also a habbit of wake up in early morning. Even in those  condition when he sleeps late night, he make sure that his routine does not change.