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OMG! Salman hates Aamir, said on twitter


Salman khan is one of the leading actor of bollywood, He has given so many “Blockbuster Movies” and has stolen millions of heart, as we know he’s very kind type guy who loves to support new coming actors in bollywood.

And suddenly now his has left a tweet on twitter that he hates Aamir khan, what, really? Did he do this? Or he got jealous of Aamir’s recently released Dangal? Lets find the truth what had happen..!

Have a guess why would Salmaan hate Aamir?

Aamir khan’s recently box-office released movie Dangal is one of his super hit film and recently salman saw this film, could it be the reason?

As we all know aamir khan is well known as Mr. perfectionist

It’s not a secret  that aamir’s work is know as perfect work, Everyone in the industry  appreciate his hard work .He never compromise with his work, and that is why he’s known as Mr. perfectionist

His recent movie “dangal” was a blockbuster and he performed like a charm.

As soon salman saw this movie, He shared his feelings about aamirs’  this  movie


Salman started comparing “dangal” with hes movie  “sultan”

Talking about dangal, aamir was working since from 2 years on his recent film dangal but suddenly salman compared his movie “Sultaan” with “dangal”. However peole said that the movie sultan was a big hit but now aamir has Came with another same type themed movie and both are based on wrestling , so now is giving tough competition to sultan. Is it the reason why salman hates aamir?


Here is what salman said

So here is the truth, when salman watched aamir movie dangal, he simply loved the movie and got impressed with it and appreciated aamir work, Aslo he said danal is much better than my movie sultan

This tweet was a love to aamir and his movie dangal

This type of rivalry  is the best rivalry means “best appreciation and motivation as a frien that makes each other perform with confidence ”

Friendship of these khan’s

Beside rill life these khans are best friends too, and they have ‘never die’  love for each other they are also a very talented and passionated actors of bollywood.  They had worked together in many films, which are one of the best bollywood had,