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Did You Notice These Mistake While Watching Movie:

When we talking about Bollywood there are a combination of fiction or non-fiction, romance,drama, action, and a many more. when we seeing the movie they definetely touch our heart with the script and amazing story. the actor doing there job as well we felt in love with them and we feel emotion vice-versa

However, the movie makers sometimes forget to apply the logic in their films. And we also did not notice because that time we are live a story like that. but today we r here with some logical fact that happend on movie and i ll bet you also failed to notice:


In baaghi movie there were a seen when badman threatening the actor along with his gang, how many of you notice the gun in his hand; see what was actually happen

Dil Dhadakne Do :-

How much know that cruise liner has strict rule of not not allowing any passenger to board the cruise mid-way but dude its Farahn Akhatar he broke the rule anymore. when we see this movie we didnt notice that Farahan Akhatar boarding the cruise mid-way because his father emotionally blackmailed him.


In movie Shahrukh Khan is playing a roll of a south Indian but when he died he funeral with a Christian rule.However in next seen we saw that Kareena Pouring the ashes into the lake. But what can they do this is india and we must have to satisfied all relegion.

P.K. :-

Do you Know Pakistani embassy is not in Burges. but when we saw PK the sushants character of Sarfaraz says that he worked at the Pakistani embassy Burges. but actually embassy in Brussels instead.

3 Idiots :-

yes in the scene they using Airtel modem. But actually Airtel Modem was not invented until the time period it is used in the story. But who cares we all are busy with emotion.

. Bajrangi Bhaijaan :-

Do you know Youtube is banned in Pakistan in which period this movie have to run. Did you notice Nawaz was uploading the video on youtube.