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New Year Gifts for you by Indian Government; Just Read



Now a days we all want a cashless economy, and cashless India. Digital payments without swipe machines and plastic cards. The Government do a work on it, for us its like a christmas gift that has in store. The cashless transactions have never been so user-friendly and easy.The government will launch ‘Aadhaar Payment App’ on December 25. In these there are many facilities for us we introduce it one by one but, let we know this would do away with the need of fee payment for service providers like card companies such as Mastercard or Visa. And this mathod surely will make digital payments cheap even for small traders in village. It just required an Android phone. let we introduce the mathod one by one.How will It work

1 First you need to download the Adhar cashless merchant app on their smartphone connected with biometric reader.

2 Biometric reader comer just around of RS 2,000

3 custom will Adhar number into the app.

4 Then you got a option to select the bank, you have to choose the bank through which the transaction will happen.

5 Biometric scan machine will work as a password for authentication of transaction.

6 There is no need to key in bank details


7 Can be used by persons who dont have phone, debit or credit card.

8 Its work like it linked by your addhar from your account

9 It overcome the problem of connectivity that impedes card payments.


10 Govt will conduct workshops to train 14 lakh village Level Entrepreneurs(VLE) across 500 district and 6500 blocks about carrying out digital transactions which will be attended by Members of parliament as well.