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Do You Know Mark Zuckerberg Have His Own Jarvis: That Even Iron Man Can’t Have

Everyone have a dream that when he wake up and find himself late for a work, then a personal assistant control everything. And a personal assistant do a work like play music, identify faces, control your appliances, entertain you and much more to help you.

And a CEO of facebook have it all, but not in dream, in actual life. He accomplished his challenge of building a simple AI torun his home and help him with work

what is metter? well, I ll tell you everything that What is It? How much time it took to build? and surely when you know everything you will envy Mark Zuckerberg for this.


He posted a video on Tuesday, for introducing his new housmate and virtual assistant named after the artificial intelligence system in ‘Iron Man’Yup, it’s none other than, Jarvis.

Jarvis has understand text message as well as Phone call and have spoken commands 

When he post a Facebook Post In his 3000 words, he said that he spend more than 100 hours putting together the virtual assistant which recognises vocalised instructions as well as text messages.

Only through a simple command Jarvis can do all these things

The virtual assistant can adjust the thermostat, switch ON (or off) the lights, set temperature, operate music systems, security and even a toaster. It also texts Zuckerberg images of guests who stop by during the day and opens the door for those it recognises.


In a tongue-in-cheek video, Zuckerberg offers an example of Jarvis at work like, “Max woke up a few minutes ago. I am entertaining her,” Jarvis tells Zuckerberg before turning his attention to the baby. “Good morning Max, let’s practice our Mandarin.”

Some more example

Regardless of a preference of communication via text, Zuckerberg finds that using voice still trumps regarding convenience and speech.

And, just like that picture! Wouldn’t it be cool for asking whatever you want without actually moving?