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The Amazing Fact About BhaaiJaan: Probably You Did’t Know

6 He is a actor but as a actor he like Sylvester Stallone and as a actress Hema malini is his faverate.

7 Salman khan have two Production company also. And earning from his these production house specially from SKBH[Salman Khan Being Human]. He donate to Being Human Charity.

8 In 2014 He start another production House name as SKF (Salman Khan Film)

9 He Love to drive luxury vehicle like BMW, Range Rover, Land cruisers and many other brand.

10 Do you know Bhai had open a resturant name ‘ Bhaiijaanz’

11 Much popular also a Stole Bracelet who he wear on hand. Do you know his father also wear a same. And Bhaii consider it at a lucky one.

12 He suffers from a disease name Trigeminal neuralgia (A facial nurve disorder)

13 He is much popular in public and thats why he got a cover page of people Magazine.

14 Much interesting thing is that he has not any email id. He used phone instead of email, because he do directly any work and fix it through phone rather than email.

15 He is a high Paid actor and due to that he got 7 th ranked in forbes least of highest paid actor. If we took at this list he charged and earn more than Lionardo Dicaprio, Rock Johnson, Dwayne amd many other.

16 Its a record that Salman khan has been started in highest growsing Bollywood film for 9 year.

17 He is awarded with Rajiv Gandhi award in 2008 for his achievement in entertainment. he also won a 2 filmfare award.


Frome Trendming team we are warm wishes him a very very happy Birthday